Blog Posts in April, 2017

A Closer Look at Greenstick Fractures

Although rare in adults, greenstick fractures are common in kids, whose bones are not yet completely developed. Symptoms for some greenstick fractures are mild, but it's important to get pediatric ...
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Following Up with Your Usual Pediatrician After an Urgent Care Visit

Pediatric urgent care doesn't replace your usual pediatrician. Rather, it is a complement to the care your pediatrician provides. When you visit a clinic for emergency pediatric care, it is ...
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Recognizing, Treating, and Preventing Chickenpox

Chickenpox was once a ubiquitous part of childhood, but thanks to a vaccine, it has become less common. However, children still can and do get chickenpox. If you think your child could be infected, ...
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Does Your Child Have Allergies Or Is It a Cold?

When your child is sniffling and sneezing, are allergies or a cold to blame? The best way to get an accurate diagnosis is to visit a pediatric urgent care center, but there are some clues that can ...
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