Blog Posts in August, 2017

Essential Steps to Take After a Head Injury

Head injuries in kids are unpredictable, so it's important to seek pediatric urgent care right away, even if your child says that he or she feels fine. Watch this video for more advice on what to ...
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Common Trampoline Injuries and Their Prevention

A trampoline can be a fun and exciting way for your kids to stay fit, but of course, they can also lead to injuries. If your child experiences an injury while on the trampoline, bring him or her to a ...
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How Can Raw Flour Make Kids Sick?

The danger of contracting foodborne illnesses from raw eggs is why parents warn their kids not to eat unbaked cookie dough. Even raw cookie dough made vegan-style also poses a threat, as raw flour can ...
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Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments for Pediatric Roseola

Roseola, also known as sixth disease or roseola infantum, is a common infection that children usually contract by age two. It's caused by two strains of the herpes virus, and it usually ...
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