Common Trampoline Injuries and Their Prevention

A trampoline can be a fun and exciting way for your kids to stay fit, but of course, they can also lead to injuries. If your child experiences an injury while on the trampoline, bring him or her to a pediatric urgent care facility as soon as possible for treatment. Getting treatment quickly is important to prevent complications and further injuries. Here is a look at some of the common mishaps kids experience on the trampoline.

Broken Bones

Landing the wrong way and falling off the trampoline can easily lead to broken bones. Sometimes, this kind of injury is obvious, because you can see the damage to the bone. In other cases, such as a greenstick fracture, a break might be harder to see. Greenstick fractures occur when the bone cracks rather than breaks, and they are very common in children, whose bones are not yet fully developed. If you notice swelling or bruising around an injury site and your child is complaining of pain or lack of mobility, go to an urgent care facility for an X-ray.


When a fall includes a bump on the head, a concussion is possible. A pediatrician should evaluate any head injury, since the symptoms your child has are not necessarily indicative of the severity of his or her injury. Even mild symptoms can be associated with a serious injury. If your child becomes unconscious, confused, or has balance problems after a head injury, seek emergency pediatric care.

Sprains and Strains

Muscle sprains and strains can be even more painful than broken bones, especially when they aren't treated right away. If your child could have sprained or strained a muscle, go to an urgent care center so that the injury can be evaluated and treatment can begin. In some cases, simply resting this kind of injury is sufficient, but in other cases, the pediatrician may wish to wrap it in a compression bandage to speed up healing times.

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