Keeping Calm While Getting Stitches

A child's enthusiasm is an amazing thing, but it can sometimes get kids into trouble. If your child falls or bumps into something sharp, an emergency pediatrician can suture the laceration to stop the bleeding. Stitches can be scary for children (and their anxious parents), but the after hours pediatrician will apply a numbing gel to prevent pain.

You can help your child stay calm by distracting him or her. In the waiting room, ask your child silly, open-ended questions, such as, "What do you think our dog would say if she could talk?" If you have music on your phone, your child might like to listen to it while the doctor places the stitches. You could also try to put the focus on what will happen after leaving the clinic. Tell your child that he or she can choose a favorite meal for dinner or a movie for family movie night.

Wound treatment is one of the many pediatric urgent care services we provide in the DFW area. Call Pediatrics After Hours at (214) 363-7242 to find an urgent care facility closest to you.

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