What to Expect if Your Child Needs to Be Admitted to the Hospital

When you bring your child to Pediatrics After Hours, we may sometimes determine that he or she needs to be treated in a hospital. If this happens, we will facilitate the process and help make the transition as smooth as possible.

If our pediatric urgent care is not able to provide the care your child needs, we will contact his or her primary care pediatrician to make arrangements for your child's transfer to the hospital. The pediatrician will take over the admission procedure with the hospital, so that they will be expecting you when you arrive. In some cases, you may transport your child to the hospital on your own. If your child needs emergency pediatric care, we can arrange an ambulance for the transfer.

Pediatric After Hours is dedicated to ensuring that kids get the care they need, whether they are experiencing minor cold symptoms or need emergency pediatric care for an asthma attack. You can get the answers to your questions about our urgent care for kids in the DFW area and find out which of our four locations is near you by calling (214) 363-7242.

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