Understanding Anaphylaxis

Parents with children who have allergies already know how dangerous it can be for children to come into contact with their allergens. Exposure to these allergens might require a trip to a pediatric urgent care center, so it is important for parents to know how to spot the signs of anaphylaxis.

You can learn more about anaphylaxis by watching this video. Allergens can include foods, insect bites, and elements that children come into contact with both inside and outside of the home. Some of the most common signs of an allergic reaction include a generalized rash, a faint feeling, poor circulation, or even shock.

If your child needs an after-hours pediatrician due to an allergic reaction, you can receive urgent care in the DFW area at one of Pediatrics After Hours' 4 locations. Get more information about our pediatricians and ER for kids by calling us at (214) 363-7242.

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