The Mumps Resurgence: How You Can Protect Your Child

Across the country, mumps has made a comeback, and Texas has seen outbreaks occur. Many of the people who have gotten mumps have been vaccinated, as the protection the vaccine provides lessens over the years. If your child shows signs of mumps, such as fever and swollen cheeks and neck, visit a pediatric urgent care facility for an accurate diagnosis. This advice will also help you protect your child from contracting it.

The best way to avoid mumps is to be vaccinated, so if your child has not had the MMR vaccine, talk to your pediatrician to see if it is right for him or her. Two doses are recommended. Having an additional dose is safe for most people and can also decrease the chances of developing mumps. Because mumps is spread through saliva and mucus, remind your child about the importance of hand washing and to not share drinks and food at school.

Whether your child is suffering from symptoms of the mumps, a sports injury, or a sudden upset stomach, Pediatrics After Hours can provide urgent care even when your pediatrician's office is closed. Learn more about our four pediatric urgent care locations in the DFW area by calling (214) 363-7242.

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