Hidden Hazards of Halloween: How to Keep Your Child Safe

Halloween is a fun time to be a kid, and for parents to let their inner child loose. If you’ve experienced a few Halloweens as a parent, then you probably already know about the most obvious dangers to watch out for. Emergency pediatricians caution parents about the risk of children getting struck by vehicles, suffocated by unsafe costumes, or burned by flammable costumes. These are all significant hazards to be aware of, but there are some less well-known risks that you might not have heard of before.

Dry Ice

Hosting a kids’ party this Halloween? Or maybe your family just likes to go all out with the decorations. If you’re planning to use dry ice to set the right ambience, make sure it isn’t placed within a child’s reach. Dry ice isn’t anything like regular ice. Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid state, which means it turns into carbon dioxide gas as it melts. Don’t use it in a small, enclosed space, and make sure no one inhales it. Tissue damage will occur with unprotected contact with dry ice, and it will cause oral burns if accidentally ingested.

Faux Candy

You probably already check your child’s candy for suspicious signs of tampering. But with the increasing presence of marijuana edibles in the U.S., some pediatricians are warning parents to watch out for faux candy. Edibles can have packaging that looks similar to real candy brands, so it’s possible for a homeowner to pass them out by mistake. Carefully inspect the labels for anything unusual. Instead of regular Reese’s, a marijuana edible might be labeled “Rasta Reese’s.”

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a fun way for kids to increase their visibility while out trick-or-treating. And while the label might claim the product is non-toxic, the active ingredient can still cause health problems if the glow stick is broken—especially if a curious child puts it into his or her mouth.

In the DFW area, an urgent care facility just for kids is never far away. Pediatrics After Hours offers extended hours to provide emergency pediatric care when your regular doctor isn’t in. Find our locations on our website or call (214) 363-7242, and enjoy a fun and safe Halloween with your little one!

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