Fire Safety for Preschoolers

Fire is a major danger for kids, but preschoolers may not yet fully understand the risk. That is the reason it's important for your family to have a fire safety plan that your preschooler can understand and follow in case of an emergency. If your child does experience a burn injury, make sure you know where to go to get emergency pediatric burn treatment. Make fire safety a priority for your family and create a plan with your preschooler in mind with this advice.

Talk to Your Preschooler About Fire Safety

Learning about fire safety is an ongoing process, so be sure to discuss it often with your preschooler. When you have an opportunity to point out a fire safety rule, such as when you are lighting a candle, take it. You should also talk frequently to your preschooler about your home smoke detectors and what their role is in protecting your family. At school, your child is likely to have fire drills, so when they happen, take the opportunity to discuss the process at home and further explain to your preschooler why they are important.

Set Clear Rules for Your Preschooler

Make the rules regarding fire safety strict and clear for your preschooler. No child in your home should ever touch matches or lighters for any reason. Don't leave children unattended in rooms with burning candles or fireplaces, and make sure your kids know to steer clear of them. Keep kids away from all hot cooking surfaces as well, including gas flame burners.

Make a Family Plan

Talk to your family about what to do if there is a fire at home. Make sure your preschooler has a clear understanding about what actions he or she should take if the fire alarm sounds. Generally, preschoolers should have a family member come and get them. Tell your preschooler to not open his or her bedroom door if the alarm sounds at night, and make sure your family has a meeting place in the event of a fire.

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