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Once kids gain the ability to pick objects up, which is around 9 months of age, they also gain the ability to do things like put them in their mouths, ears, and even up their noses. It’s quite common for a child to need urgent care because they have a foreign object stuck up their nose. For parents, the trick is to stay calm and get your child to an emergency pediatrician for treatment. In most instances, having a foreign body stuck in the nose is not serious, but it does need to be addressed as soon as possible for your child’s comfort. Here is what parents need to know.

Ask Questions without Judgment

If you suspect your child has stuck something up his or her nose, ask him or her about it without anger or judgment. Your child may delay telling you the truth if he or she thinks that punishment awaits him or her, so stay calm and casual when questioning your child. If your child doesn’t tell you about the foreign body, then treatment will be delayed, which increases the risk of complications.

Recognize the Symptoms

If your child has a foreign body in the nose, he or she may complain about pain and difficulty breathing on one side of the hose. Nosebleeds are also possible. In some cases, blood from the nose may drip down the throat into the stomach, causing vomiting. The nasal cavity connects to the mouth and throat, so the foreign object may become dislodged and slip into the throat, which can cause coughing, choking, and wheezing.

Avoid Home Treatment

Don’t try to remove an object from your child’s nose at home. Not only can this cause damage to his or nasal cavity, but you could inadvertently leave a piece in place, which can lead to ongoing pain and infection. Get treatment at a pediatric urgent care facility as soon as possible instead.

Pediatrics After Hours is here to help with all of the twists and turns of childhood illness and injuries when you can’t see your regular pediatrician. We have four pediatric urgent care facilities in the DFW area for your convenience. Find a location close to you by calling 972-355-2273.

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