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Children and adolescents are prone to developing illnesses, given that they are frequently in close contact with many different people at school and sporting events. Much of the time, a case of the sniffles doesn’t require a visit to pediatric urgent care. However, if you think your child might have strep throat, it’s best to bring him or her in to the clinic. The pediatrician can review your child’s symptoms and administer a simple test to confirm the diagnosis. If your youngster does have strep throat, antibiotics can help him or her feel well again quickly.


Children who develop strep throat may complain of problems swallowing, a headache, and a sore throat. It’s not uncommon for younger children with strep throat to suffer from a stomachache. Occasional vomiting is also possible. In addition, strep throat can cause fatigue and fever. If you suspect your child might have this infection, ask him or her to open the mouth. You may detect very small red spots on the roof of the mouth toward the back. You may also notice that your child has swollen, reddened tonsils, which may feature white patchy areas. Next, feel your child’s neck just under the jaw. You may feel that his or her lymph nodes are enlarged, indicating a possible infection.


If certain symptoms develop, call your child’s pediatrician right away, or bring him or her to the pediatric urgent care facility. These symptoms include a fever that persists longer than 48 hours, difficulty breathing, and problems swallowing—including difficulty swallowing saliva. If your child has already been diagnosed with strep throat and is taking antibiotics, notify the emergency pediatrician if he or she fails to improve within 24 to 48 hours.

When your child has health issues that can’t wait for an appointment with his or her regular pediatrician, you can turn to Pediatrics After Hours for emergency pediatric care in Dallas. In addition to strep throat treatment, our emergency pediatrics services include routine imaging tests, lab tests, and acute injury treatment. Parents can direct their questions to a friendly staff member at 214-919-3170.

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