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When your kids are active on the field, an injury is always a possible outcome. Fortunately, sports injuries don’t have to leave your athletes sidelined for long, thanks to urgent care services from an after-hours pediatrician at Pediatrics After Hours.

At Pediatrics After Hours, we’re open when your doctor’s office is not in order to provide urgent care when your child needs it most, including in the evening after the game. Our providers are board-certified pediatricians and our entire practice is dedicated to treating young patients. With onsite X-rays and labels, we can diagnose your child’s injury and provide the necessary treatment right away, helping you avoid a trip to the hospital or a long night waiting for care.

When your child needs care for an illness or injury, choose the highly trained team at Pediatrics After Hours for urgent care in the DFW area. You can learn more about our services by calling 972-355-2273.


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