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The danger of contracting foodborne illnesses from raw eggs is why parents warn their kids not to eat unbaked cookie dough. Even raw cookie dough made vegan-style also poses a threat, as raw flour can be contaminated with germs, such as E. coli. The signs of an E. coli infection in children require emergency pediatric care. These symptoms include severe diarrhea, which may be bloody, fatigue, nausea, and painful stomach cramps.

Contaminated flour was the subject of a recall in 2016, which caused an E. coli outbreak that sickened dozens of people around the country. As wheat grows in the field, germs can contaminate the plants. Those germs can be spread by animal waste. The pathogens remain in the wheat throughout its processing. Since it’s assumed that people won’t eat flour raw, manufacturers do not typically take extra steps to sanitize the flour. Protect your kids by refusing to let them eat raw batter and dough, and by not letting them play with raw dough or playdough made with raw flour.

Your child deserves compassionate, uncompromising care when he or she isn’t feeling well, which is why the emergency pediatricians of Pediatrics After Hours are committed to family-friendly services. Call 972-355-2273  to locate an urgent care facility in the DFW area.

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