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Getting medical care can be nerve-wracking for kids, especially when they have to undergo a procedure like an X-ray in an urgent care facility. At Pediatrics After Hours, we provide X-ray services for kids so we can make a quick diagnosis and provide the urgent care they need. You can take the stress out of the experience by remaining calm and explaining what to expect to your child.

Tell your child that an X-ray lets his or her pediatrician get a picture of the insides of his or her body. Reassure your child that the procedure is painless and doesn’t actually feel like anything. Explain that your child may need to stay very still for a few seconds and may even have to hold his or her breath. Stay calm yourself, as your child will look to you for cues as to how to feel.

Pediatrics After Hours is pleased to offer X-rays and other diagnostic tools onsite, so you can get a fast answer about your child’s medical needs. Contact us today at 972-355-2273 for more information about our four DFW area urgent care facilities and the services we provide.

woman with xray

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