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The neighborhood playground is like the toddler version of the office watercooler. They’re useful for helping children learn social skills like taking turns and resolving conflicts. Playgrounds also encourage physical fitness, but can just as easily lead to serious injuries that require pediatric urgent care. One way to reduce your child’s risk of a playground injury is to make sure he or she only uses age-appropriate equipment.

Emergency pediatricians recommend that children age two or younger only play on playgrounds designed specifically for toddlers. Kids ages two through five are prone to falling down. Safe equipment for them includes slides no taller than four feet, tot swings, and crawl tunnels. Kids ages five through 12 are stronger, with better coordination. They can safely use swings, taller slides, seesaws, horizontal bars, and climbing equipment.

Playtime and sports injuries can occur at any time, and your child deserves uncompromising pediatric urgent care in the DFW area, even if his or her normal pediatrician isn’t available. Call Pediatrics After Hours at 972-355-2273  for convenient, affordable medical care your family can trust.

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