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Living with asthma can be tough for kids and parents alike, but fortunately, a good treatment plan and regular check-ups can minimize any complications. There may still be a time, however, when you need urgent care to deal with critical symptoms. Here is what you need to know as a parent about the symptoms your child may experience with asthma and when to seek pediatric urgent care.

Frequent Coughing

Coughing is a common asthma symptom that is caused by respiratory distress. Many kids with asthma have a cough that appears intermittently without being more than an annoyance, but pay attention to any changes in the coughing that your child experiences. Any time the coughing interferes with everyday activities, is constant, or is exacerbated by physical activity, seek care at a pediatric urgent care clinic. Your child may have a respiratory infection or allergies that are exacerbating his or her asthma and need treatment.

Shortness of Breath

Asthma can cause chronic shortness of breath and fast breathing. When these symptoms become severe, your child may have an asthma attack and may need to use the quick-relief medication provided by his or her doctor. Look for signs of a sudden increase in shortness of breath or breathing that makes the skin around the neck pull inward. After using the quick-relief treatment, get emergency pediatric care for your child to ensure he or she has stabilized.

Sleep Disturbances

Coughing, wheezing, and breathing problems associated with asthma can interfere with your child’s sleep. He or she may struggle with daytime drowsiness as a result. Talk to your pediatrics specialist about your child’s problems with sleeping if this is a persistent issue for your child. The doctor may be able to adjust your child’s treatment to make sleeping easier.

Not all asthma complications happen during office hours. At Pediatrics After Hours, we provide the urgent care your child needs when the doctor’s office is closed. When you need after-hours pediatrics in the DFW area, call us at 972-355-2273.

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