About Pediatrics After Hours

About Pediatrics After Hours

Pediatrics After Hours is an urgent care pediatric facility established by pediatricians to provide the same level of care for your ill child as you would receive from your regular pediatrician. We are designed as a convenient supplement to your pediatrician when your schedule or the urgency of your child’s illness necessitates care after regular business hours. Our facility accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicaid (Arlington and Garland locations only) and charge either normal office or urgent care co-pay rates, not emergency room co-pay rates. We offer a wide range of services, including on-site lab work and x-ray services, so there’s no delay in diagnosing and treating your child. Our four locations in North Dallas/Park Cities, Plano, Garland and Arlington, have a child-friendly environment with child-friendly graphics and flat-screen TVs playing children’s favorite movies.


  • On-site lab: complete blood count, rapid strep, urinalysis, influenza rapid test, mononucleosis test, urine pregnancy test, stool for occult blood test
  • Routine X-ray services (chest and extremities)
  • Treatment of wounds and burns
  • Evaluation for broken bones – splinting and stabilization only
  • Asthma therapy
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Treatment of common childhood illnesses – colds, flu, strep, etc.
  • Sports injury initial evaluation and treatment
  • Sports and School Physicals
  • Pain relief
  • Inform primary physician via fax of recent visit including X-ray, labs, diagnosis and treatment the day following treatment
  • Immunizations – we offer required immunizations for children 11 and above
  • If after your child is examined and an assessment determines that your child needs to be admitted to a hospital, we will contact your primary physician to make arrangements for admission to a hospital.


urgent care for kids

  • Committed to excellent care – Established by experienced pediatricians recognizing the need for an after hours facility that will provide the same level of care as you receive in your primary physician’s office.
  • Board certified providers – Our pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners are all board certified and nurses are licensed by the State of Texas to provide you with the assurance that you are receiving quality care from an experienced team.
  • Communications with your Primary Physician– We inform he primary physician of your recent visit including X-ray, labs, diagnosis and treatment. We communicate via email or fax within 24 hours to your primary physician so that they know the condition of your child and can include the written diagnosis and treatment provided by the Pediatrics After Hours facility in your child’s permanent chart.


The Pediatrics After Hours facility in Plano opened in August 2007. The Dallas location was opened in November of 2008, Garland in 2011 and Arlington in 2013 The goal of Pediatrics After Hours was to provide convenient, cost-effective, quality care to pediatric patients in the Collin County area at times when their regular pediatrician was not open. Patients would be referred back to their regular pediatrician for followup and continuity of care using the diagnosis and treatment information provided by our facility. With the excellent feedback provided by patients and referring pediatricians for the Plano facility, the Dallas location was opened in November of 2008, followed by Garland and Arlington.

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Why Choose Us?

  • In-house lab and radiology services
  • All major insurance plans accepted
  • Written follow-up with your pediatrician
  • Board-certified pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners
  • Urgent care co-pay or regular office visit co-pay, no expensive emergency room co-pays