Blog Posts in September, 2017

Dangerous Diseases in Floodwater

Hurricane season is in full swing, and these major storms have the potential to make families sick long after they're gone. Urgent care doctors warn families to limit their exposure to floodwater ...
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Why Is My Child Having Chest Pain and Is It Serious?

When an adult experiences chest pain, a quick trip to the ER usually follows. Fortunately, chest pain in pediatric patients only rarely indicates heart disease. Regardless, all cases of unusual chest ...
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How Long Does It Take for Greenstick Fractures to Heal?

With a greenstick fracture, the bone cracks but doesn't break into more than one piece. Kids are especially prone to these kinds of fractures, because their bones tend to be more flexible. ...
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Fire Safety for Preschoolers

Fire is a major danger for kids, but preschoolers may not yet fully understand the risk. That is the reason it's important for your family to have a fire safety plan that your preschooler can ...
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