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Between busy family schedules and still-developing tastes, getting your children to sit through a meal may be enough of a challenge without wanting them to finish healthy foods. While other food choices may seem easier or more appealing, though, a balanced diet is a crucial component of your child’s development and overall health. Talk to your pediatrician about what a healthy diet looks like, and learn more about making healthy choices as a family in the video below.

To make a significant and sustainable impact, involve the whole family in eating and making healthy choices. In addition to removing some elements from your diet, like sugary drinks and snacks, make it easy to add nutritious choices to each meal and throughout the day. Pre-cut healthy snacks like carrots and apples for a fast snack, and pack additional fruit in your child’s lunchbox to help them avoid the vending machine. To equip your children with the knowledge to make their own choices, teach them how to read food labels for nutrition facts and serving size information, and involve them during meal preparation for a better understanding of ingredients. By setting an example themselves, parents can encourage children to make healthy habits to protect their health and prolong their life.

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