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You shouldn’t have to wait when it comes to your child’s healthcare, which is why we are happy to provide after-hours pediatric services. You can also visit these resources for more information on helping your child get through the flu and staying hydrated during the winter months.

  • How can you help your child feel more comfortable while getting over the flu? Find out by exploring this article from
  • Many parents think that bundling up their children when they have the flu will help them get better faster; however, layering clothing or bundling them up with extra blankets may actually prevent their fever from breaking. Check out this link from for more tips on caring for your children when they have influenza.
  • Why is it important to stay hydrated in winter? Read this article from Self Magazine to get the information you need.
  • Did you know that increased urination and fever can both lead to dehydration? Check out for more information on the causes and complications associated with dehydration.
  • Are your children getting the vitamins and minerals they need to support proper nutrition? Find out by reading this article from regarding the best super-foods for your children.

Pediatrics After Hours offers pediatric urgent care services in a pleasant, child-friendly environment. For more information on our services, please visit our website or call our Dallas clinic at  214-363-7242, Plano at 972-618-2493, Garland at 214-919-3170.

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