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Has your child been experiencing new or persistent symptoms of sickness? Are these symptoms harmless or do they indicate a more serious health problem? Parents who are empowered and equipped with patient knowledge can help their child to receive the care they need when they need it. Although it is not a replacement for a pediatrician’s expertise or diagnosis, the WebMD app for Android phones can help you recognize and seek medical attention for a variety of pediatric illnesses.

This smart phone application can provide patients with the knowledge they need, in conjunction with their physician, to make an educated decision about their and their children’s health. Features include WebMD’s Symptom Checker, a guide to different drugs and treatments, and first aid information. Just as a pediatric urgent care clinic is available when your regular pediatrician is not, the material provided is also accessible offline, giving patients a continual connection to more information about their health.

For urgent or after hours pediatric care, please visit Pediatrics After Hours. An urgent care facility established by pediatricians, Pediatrics After Hours provides convenient and high-level pediatric care after regular business hours. Each of our DallasPlano and Garland facilities charges normal office co-pay rates and follows up with a patient’s regular pediatrician. Visit us online or call one our locations today: Dallas at (214) 363-7242, Plano at (972) 618-2493, and Garland at (214) 919-3170.

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