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After your child has surgery, the surgeon or nurse will give you a list of potential complications to watch out for. Some of these might require a call to the hospital, while others may require a quick visit to an emergency pediatrician. One of the most common complications after operations is infection of the surgical site. Infections should always be taken seriously because of the risk that they will spread to organs and other tissues. If your child develops a fever, chills, or worsening pain, or if there is a foul odor or drainage from the surgical site, it’s time to see an emergency pediatrician.

Another possible complication is urinary retention. In other words, the child is unable to empty the bladder. Urinary retention after surgery is typically temporary, but an urgent care doctor may need to insert a catheter to drain the urine out of the bladder.

For high-quality urgent care for kids in the DFW area, your family can trust Pediatrics After Hours. You can find our four urgent care facilities by checking our website or calling 972-355-2273.

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