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Ear infections are common in young children, and they might not always require medical care. However, it’s a good idea to take your child to an emergency pediatrician if his or her symptoms are severe, you’re unable to comfort your child, or you’re uncertain that it’s an ear infection. When you watch this quick video, you’ll get a rundown of the most common signs and symptoms of pediatric ear infections.

Kids often develop ear infections after contracting another infection, such as a cold or sinus infection. This secondary infection may cause earaches, fever, reduced ability to hear, crying, and irritability. Parents might also notice their kids rubbing or pulling at the ear.

At Pediatrics After Hours, our emergency pediatricians treat all sorts of childhood medical problems, from sore throats to ear infections. If your child needs urgent care near the DFW area, you can call 972-355-2273  or stop by one of our four convenient locations.

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